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Cruise1323’s Big Brain

John Dean is the reigning King of breakfast radio trivia. With unmatched experience, the questionnaire extraordinaire is looking to put Cruise1323 listeners to the test.

Each weekday morning, King Dean will challenge listeners speed and wit asking them 5 trivia questions.

If the caller gets all 5 correct in 30 seconds, they win!

Here’s where it gets interesting… the winner can either take the money and run or keeping playing the next day when their winnings jackpot a further $50.

Every day that a winner plays on another $50 is up for grabs but lose and the jackpot will be all for the next Big Brain contender to snare.

Cruise1323’s Big Brain 8am Weekday’s with John Dean thanks to Solar Power Direct - Empowering South Australians since 2011


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