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Sometimes we’re even convinced you live with Google on the big screen, surrounded by boxes of Trivial Pursuit.

So we know we need to keep on creating new ways to make you work your brains.

Introducing, QUIZABETICAL.

We’re going to give every contestant 5 questions, but every answer must start with a specific letter.

Like the letter B…

Which famous car race is held at Mt Panorama? Bathurst 1000
Robin is the sidekick of which superhero? Batman
A Puggle is a cross between a pug and which breed? Beagle
What is the main ingredient of the soup borscht? Beetroot
What colour mixed with yellow makes green? Blue

QUIZABETICAL. It’s a quiz with a Q… or an R…or a Y, B, N, F…

Answer all 5 correctly and you’ll win $50 cash! BUT if it’s a bonus hour you could win even more cash!

Listen throughout the day for your chance to win! 

Register below for us to call you back to play! 

Cruise 1323's Quizabetical thanks to Jackpot Club - find a venue at and start earning points today. 


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