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We’d love you to win, so we're giving you MORE chances than ever to play the Mystery Sound Of Adelaide across the day.

We are playing three times a day - just after 7am in Breakfast, just after Midday and then again just after 5pm for the drive home.


Ooh, look at that!
Drowned Out
Shout To The Top
No standing
Here Comes the Sun
No mean feet
Seven seven
Blue in the face
Five ways to win
Long Way To The Top
Take It For Granted
A Good Sport
Up Close and Personal
Dirty Tricks
Nearly Stoned
Rub A Dub Dub
Eyes Down
The Olden Days 
I Hear Angels 

guesses so far: 
  • Raising the flags up the flagpoles at ETSA Park (Priceline Stadium)
  • Obahn bus at Paradise Interchange
  • Putting a boat on a trailer at the Adelaide Rowing Club
  • Moving the shutters on the windows of the café / restaurant at Mt Lofty summit
  • Adelaide Council Street Sweeper
  • Validating a ticket at Adelaide Railway Station
  • Balloon artist in Rundle Mall
  • Car tyres running over tram tracks at Glenelg
  • Polishing a headstone at West Tce Cemetery
  • Opening the wooden doors of the Smith Chapel at the West Terrace Cemetery
  • Brewery Volcano erupting
  • Bike pump in Victoria Square
  • Old water pump out the front of the Pump Hotel at Aldgate
  • Lift in the Adelaide Town Hall
  • The bumper boats at Glenelg
  • Sea lion or seal at the Adelaide Zoo
  • Opening the sliding door to rooftop pool at Rydges Hotel West Tce
  • Sailors on the outriggers of a skiff racing yacht off West Beach
  • The drive mechanism on the Pirate Ship at Royal Show
  • Card marker at Bingo hall in city
  • Riding bicycles over the tram tracks on Jetty road at Glenelg
  • Using the Periscope at Mt Lofty
  • Golf cart pulling to stop on Nth Adelaide's south course
  • Using the telescopes at Mt Lofty summit
  • Bingo balls being released at Redlegs Club at Norwood
  • Closing the iron gates of Adelaide Arcade at the Rundle Mall end
  • Washing football colours off the West End Brewery chimney
  • Faulty door mechanism at Centro Hilton
  • Tram rotator at terminal 
  • V8's clipping the chicane at Clipsal 
  • The popeye docking on the torrens
  • Lift doors opening at the Skyline restaurant on West Terrace
  • The Ball unit at the Olympic Bingo
  • Rubber boots of window cleaners against scaffold on SA networks building
  • The ferris wheel at Glenelg
  • Rubbing feet in the shoe cleaner at Mt Lofty
  • Opening or closing doors of St Francis Cathedral 
  • Inflatable advertising man at BP Happy Wash on West Terrace
  • Pushing the puck on the Ice at the  Ice Arena
  • Pulling out the lane ropes at the Aquatic Swimming Centre
  • Hot wheels rolling 3 times on asphalt at Clipsal 500
  • Releasing a weather balloon at the B.O.M at Kent town
  • Para jump at Adventure Park at West Beach
  • On an exercise ball at Goodwood health club
  • Basketball shoes on the courts at Titanium Security Stadium
  • Winding the tennis net setting the height at Memorial Drive
  • Toilet doors up at Waterfall Gully
  • Lots of noise from the Adelaide Oval !!
  • The draught stopper on the chapel door of the Archbishops home on Nth Terrace.
  • The ball return at the front of the AMF Bowling alley at Norwood
  • The Ghost Train at the Adelaide Showgounds
  • Diving board at Marion Swimming centre
  • Players on a squash court at Clovelly Park
  • Cleaning Machine at the Adelaide Athletic Stadium at Mile End
  • Bus tyres taking a corner in greater Adelaide city
  • Golf ball cleaner at North Adelaide golf course
  • Water going down a plug hole in the bath in Adelaide
  • Rubbing Sir Donald Bradman Statue at Adelaide Oval
  • The jumping pillow at Big 4 Caravan Park at West Beach
  • The gate at the Torrens Weir
  • Outer harbour ship rubbing against pier
  • Garbage truck collecting bins in North Adelaide
  • The rubber on the side of the floor cleaner at Priceline Stadium
  • Training shoes at work on concrete floor in Crows Adelaide Oval dressing room
  • The belts of the machines that reset the pins & return the balls at the AMF Bowling Alley at Woodville
  • Escalators at the Adelaide Casino
  • Scratching a 'Scratchie' in the City Cross Arcade
  • The bridge opening on the Northern Expressway at Port Adelaide
  • Chair lift opening and closing at the Royal Adelaide Show
  • The Vulcan's hammer movements at the west End Brewery display
  • A 747 Jumbo coming to a stop at the Adelaide Airport terminal
  • Luggage being put on conveyor belt at check in at Adelaide Airport
  • Elevator noise in station underpass off Hindley St
  • Going through the turnstiles at the PAFC at Alberton
  • Joy flight plane landing in the Fleurieu
  • Digital billboard on Anzac Highway.The changing of the louvres for different ads
  • Movement of a mooring rope from the Sun Princess onto the jetty at Port Adelaide
  • The boom gate opening at the Keswick Barracks
  • Pulling zipper of Tour Down Under facility in Vic Square
  • Moving a plane with a trolley at the aviation museum at Pt Adelaide
  • Strapping a horse at Mor.Race course
  • Abseiling harness at Victor Harbor
  • Ice machine at the Thebarton Ice Arena
  • Trams stopping in king William/Victoria square junction
  • Ticket kiosk window at Morphett Ville racecourse
  • Sweeper cleaning the lanes at the Marion Bowls
  • Cleaners using washing poll on windows of SA Water building on Anzac Highway 
  • Shoes on the ladder steps of the Adelaide Oval Roof climb
  • Roller derby teams skating at Adelaide Showgrounds
  • Changing scenery props at Her Majesty's Theatre
  • Squeaky pulley as raising the flag at The Old Gumtree at Glenelg
  • Pushing off a Sprint Car with wheels getting stuck at Adelaide Motor Sport Park
  • Sturt players raising their grand final flag
  • Train going over new overpass on South Road
  • The rubber on the Lift at the top of the Adelaide Oval 
  • The game wheel at Adelaide casino.
  • Cleaning the windows at Windy Point Restaurant
  • Floor cleaner at the Basketball Stadium
  • Sound of playground equipment at Princess Elizabeth playground in near city
  • BMX bikes braking around the BMX track in the Parklands
  • Cleaning the clock face tower at GPO
  • Turnstile gates at the Athletics Stadium at Mile End
  • Golf Ball Machine at Memorial Drive
  • Running fingers across a guitar at Albert Park
  • The "trolley" that attaches to the railing on the Adelaide Oval roof climb
  • Cement coming down the shute at the Torrens to Torrens
  • Cleaning glass cabinets of Don Brad Museum at Adelaide Oval
  • 3m Diving board at the Aquatic Centre at Marion
  • Car stopping and braking on cnr North East Rd and Sudholz Rd
  • Buffing the Don Bradman statue at Ad Oval
  • Roller door at the Brighton Rugby Football Club
  • Ice blades scraping on the ice at the Ice Arena
  • Balloon animal at Glenelg Xmas pageant
  • The automatic shutters on the Atrium of the Santos building
  • Putting a ball in the golf ball cleaner at North Adelaide Golf ball cleaner
  • Window cleaners cleaning windows on the new RAH
  • Roller Derby at Wayville Showgrounds
  • Squidgy on casino's windows
  • Athletes on the track at Santos Stadium
  • Adjusting spring on the Diving board at Marion swim centre
  • Slide at Glenelg, blow up tube rubbing against side
  • Netball going through a netball ring at ETSA park
  • Shoes making noise on the floor at Titanium Stadium
  • Putting up or lowering seat 
  • The lure at Angle Park greyhound track
  • Opening or Closing Hatch at the Lighthouse in Port Adelaide
  • Hitting those pop up heads with mallet at Royal Show.
  • Escalator in the Southern stand at Adelaide Oval
  • Laser Skirmish at Gepps Cross
  • Opening gates to Morphettville Race Course
  • Suction and/or drill in the dentist chair at The Perfect Smile
  • Glass blowing at the Jam Factory
  • Landing a plane at Flight Centre simulator
  • Escalators at the new RAH
  • Shoes walking on the floor at Don Bradman Room at Adelaide Oval
  • Scraping shoes on metal plate at Waterfall GULLY
  • The swinging entrance door at the old ETSA Park basketball stadium
  • The Mega bounce at the Mega Adventure Park at West Beach
  • Roof top walk, sliding harness on cable/Adelaide Oval
  • One of the games at "Intensity" at Norwood
  • Escalators at The Adelaide Railway Station
  • Windscreen wipers on footie express bus
  • Chalking a pool cue at The Arkaba hotel
  • Machine that cleans Golf Balls at Grange Golf Club
  • It's been said before
  • Sliding gates to let horses into the Morphettville Racecourse
  • Super Cars tyres scrapping the cement walls at Clipsal
  • Car park in Nth terrace with car tyres screeching on turns to levels
  • Doing maintenance on the light towers at the Adelaide Oval
  • Bike tyres going round at the Veladrome at Gepps Cross
  • Sliding roof at Coopers Ale House at Gepps Cross
  • Netballer's shoes on the wooden floors of the Priceline Netball Stadium
  • Adelaide Oval scoreboard rolling the numbers
  • Window cleaners being lowered on Santos building in city
  • Heating the milk on a coffee machine at the restaurant in the Rydge Hotel on the cnr of South & West Terraces
  • The Hydraulic winning post at Morphettville Racecourse
  • Car wheels in city car park turning corner
  • Outside window shutters on the Mount Lofty summit restaurant
  • Opening and closing the South West Door at Football Park
  • The wheels on that horse train to granite island
  • Opening / closing main gates at the Gepps Cross Drive In
  • South West Coast Semi coming to a Halt at Stop lights at Glen Osmond
  • Angry seagull off Glenelg beach
  • Sliding on overhead wire at Mega Adventure at West Beach
  • Gated door leading to lower area of Windy Point Restaurant
  • Go karts on the track at Kart Mania in Richmond
  • Breaking mechanism on the Ferris Wheel at the Royal Show
  • Opening blinds in Stamford grand apartment
  • Raising the SANFL colours on the West End Brewery chimney
  • Ice Cleaning Machine at the Ice Arena
  • Weather vane on top of RAH
  • Thor and his volcano at the West End Brewery Christmas display
  • The lure at the Angle Park greyhound track
  • Mechanism of the revolving restaurant in Glenelg
  • Polishing the statue of Sir Don Bradman at the Adelaide Oval
  • Advertising frame changing panels on sign on west/south terrace
  • Sports shoes squeaking on the Netball courts
  • The Revolving Restaurant door turning at Glenelg
  • The ice cleaner Zamboni at Ice ARENA
  • A Roller Derby game at the Showgrounds
  • Cockle train breaks screeching at Victor Harbour
  • Time ball mechanism on Time Ball Tower at Semaphore
  • Kids on bikes at "Pumped" bike & skate park at Richmond
  • Main entrance sliding door at Adelaide Casino
  • Winding up blind at blue café Moana
  • The toboggan ice run at the Thebarton Ice Arena
  • Sea link Ferry getting the rubber bump stops
  • Hoisting a sail on yacht at west beach
  • Dolphins swimming in the Port River
  • Re-tractable seating at Basketball Stadium
  • Unscrewing a cork at Morphettville Racecourse function
  • Paddle boats on The Torrens bumping up against the pier
  • Cars around the track at Beach House
  • Boom gates at Entertainment centre Car Park
  • Sound of planes landing near new Adelaide Airport Control Tower
  • Dr Who Daleks at Wayville Showgounds
  • Tram negotiating tracks at Thebarton
  • Conveyer Belt ar Adelaide Airport 
  • The ticket dispenser in the car park of the Entertainment Centre
  • Ice skates stopping at Ice Arena
  • Dancing at old rocky theatre on Anzac highway
  • Pulling the flag up or down the big flag pole on Port Road in front of the Entertainment Centre
  • Setting up or putting down a Lighthouse at Outer Harbour
  • The Popeye's wharf negotiations
  • The horse racing barrier gates at Morphettville Racecourse
  • The Diving board at Aquatic Centre, North Adelaide
  • Go karts wheels coming off walls at Kartmania at Gepps Cross
  • Go karts at Kartmania at Gepps Cross
  • Flying Fox at Mega Adventure Park at West Beach
  • Trampoline Pk on Richmond rd. The air compressor there 
  • A whale calling its calf in the South Western Ocean
  • Gates at the panda exhibit at the Adelaide Zoo
  • Another whipping ride at royal showgrounds
  • The 'Temptation' dolphin cruise boat docking at Glenelg
  • Cleaning the Malls Balls in Rundle Mall
  • Car tyres at work in the Entertainment Centre Car Pk
  • Car ramp on the Sea Link K.I ferry at Cape Jervis
  • Boat docking at Fisherman's Wharf at Port Adelaide
  • Flying fox at west beach fun park
  • The 'One & All' docking at Port Adelaide
  • The blow up bike stand in Victoria Square at the TDU
  • A tread mill from I don't know where man
  • Fingers rubbing a balloon at Peter Van the Party Man store
  • Pushing bottles along a conveyer belt filled up & capped at West End Brewery
  • Giant slide at St Kilda. Shoes resisting pace
  • Car tyres over tram tracks on Jetty Road, Glenelg
  • Cleaning the big screen at the Entertainment Centre
  • Igniting fireworks at Royal Show
  • Window cleaning squeegee at the Glenelg Golf Club
  • Driving onto the ramp of the KI Ferry at Cape Jarvis
  • Physical apparatus at Glenelg pulling you up
  • Luggage scales & conveyor belt at Adelaide Airport
  • Golf ball washer at nth Adelaide golf Club
  • Water aerobics on the Torren
  • The walk-through security scanner at Adelaide Airport
  • Ch7 helicopter readying for take-off at Ch7
  • Tennis shoes reacting to surface at Memorial Drive 
  • Belt slipping off an electric buggy at the North Adelaide Gold Course
  • Super Car wheels hitting ground at Clipsal in Pitt area
  • Jumping up and down on exercise ball
  • Harnesses on one of the rides at West Beach Adventure Park
  • Lowering or raising a Chandelier at her Majesty's Theatre
  • Gates at Morphettville racecourse
  • The windscreen wipers on Adelaide's 'Big Night Out' double-decker bus
  • Golf ball going through a Golf Ball cleaner at Grange
  • Sound of a skate board at Glenelg's skate park
  • Cricket bowling machine at the Adelaide Oval nets
  • Golf machine picking up golf balls at West Beach
  • Walking on passenger connector to airplane at Adelaide Airport
  • Go kart starting off or turning at Gepps Cross go kart track
  • Plane starting at Adelaide Airport
  • Wind up mechanism of town hall clock
  • Windscreen wipers on a Mazda at Paradise Motors
  • Flight Simulator in North Adelaide
  • Baggage carousel at Adelaide airport
  • The pyrotechnics going off at Adelaide Oval when the teams run out onto the ground
  • Wheels touching touch on tarmac at Adelaide Airport.. again
  • Opening drink bottle with rubber seal at no place in particular
  • The light turning at the Merino Rocks lighthouse
  • At Intensity games at Marion Shopping Centre
  • Ballooning equipment in the Barossa
  • The luggage return at the Adelaide airport
  • Helicopter landing on top of RAH
  • The big ropes rubbing on the bollards at outer harbour
  • The hand rail on the travelator at the airport
  • Water fountain at Norwood Oval
  • A batsman marking his crease with shoe at Adelaide Oval
  • Making balloon animals at a fair or festival
  • Opening the big glass door in Rundle Place
  • Pirate ship coming to stop at showgrounds
  • Car tyres squealing on the concrete of the Adelaide Airport carpark
  • Plane landing at Adelaide Airport (again)
  • Monkey cage door opening at Adelaide Zoo
  • The virtual sound of the landing gear touching the tarmac at the flight simulator in Unley 
  • All the Machinery working at the Tip top Dry Cleaners at Richmond
  • Town hall clock hands adjusting
  • Bumper Boats at the Beach House at Glenelg
  • Boat docking and rubbing against the tyres at Goolwa
  • Turning off flood lights at Adelaide Oval
  • Going up or down the car park at the Entertainment Centre
  • The guide wheels on the side of the bus on the O Bahn at Golden Grove
  • St Kilda playground. Feet sticking to giant slide
  • Gates opening to the rear access ramp into the Entertainment Centre
  • Lift stopping at the Adelaide Airport
  • Near brewery, one of attractions from Xmas display
  • Opening / closing the gates at Adelaide Arcade
  • Sliding a pole through a tent at Semaphore beach
  • Climbing steps of giant horse at Gumeracha
  • Tram coming to a stop in front of the Adelaide Railway Station on North Tce
  • Opening or closing doors at St Peters cathedral
  • On a train seat moving about
  • A car crossing King William Street over the tram tracks @ Carrington & Sturt Streets
  • Rooftop Tent at the Wayville Showgrounds
  • Car turning in Rundle Street car park making tyres squeak
  • Pressing the button to open the door on an electric train on the Seaford line at the Adelaide Railway station.
  • Tightening the harness on Adelaide Oval roof top
  • Door stopper on a door at Mt Lofty House
  • Unveiling the SANFL premiers colours on the West End brewery chimney
  • Driving on the KI Ferry at Penneshaw
  • Ticketing machine at Adelaide Zoo
  • Tram arriving at the Entertainment Centre stop, doors opening & people getting off
  • The Handle Bar brakes riding around the city
  • Bar B Q buoys rubbing against each other on the Torrens
  • Opening the latch on the door of the old lighthouse at Port Adelaide 
  • Hot air balloon taking off at the Barossa
  • Sun Princess rubbing against Outer Harbour Tyred Pier
  • Raising the sails on a tall ship at Port Adelaide
  • Cleaning Colonel Light on the Hill
  • Roping around the Adelaide Oval Skywalk 
  • The spillway at the Myponga dam
  • The belt on the pottery machine at the Jam Factory
  • Old elevator from Cox Foys dept store/Now Harris Scarf in city
  • O-Bahn bus entering the O-Bahn at Hackney Road
  • Dolphins at the Port Adelaide light house
  • The Adelaide Tram shifiting on joinery 
  • The changeable billboard above Jarvis Ford at Gepps Cross
  • Rope guide on the roof at Adelaide Oval
  • Opening flood gates of Mt bold reservoir
  • Car tyres over the tram tracks on Jetty Road, Glenelg
  • Aircraft touching down on an Aircraft Carrier
  • The famous Bunyip popping up at Murray Bridge
  • Blowing and rolling glass at the Jam Factory
  • Escalator at the Marion Shopping Centre
  • Horse drawn cart wheel on granite island
  • Wheels of the Royal Flying Doctor Service plane landing on their runway
  • Basketball shoes slipping on the court at Titanium Stadium
  • Escalators at central market
  • Closing the hatch on a Collins Class submarine down at the Submarine Corp
  • Mechanism opening stage curtains at Her Majesty's Theatre
  • Firework cylinders at Elder Park new year's eve
  • Clipping on a harness and moving off on the Sky Challenge mega structure at West Beach
  • Festival Theatre doors opening
  • Heysen tunnels exhaust fans
  • Dragging a needle across a record
  • Safety net at Cirque du Soleil
  • Bumper cars at Glenelg again
  • Freshly blown glass being dunked in water at the Jam Factory
  • Jetstar plane landing at Adelaide Airport
  • Hot air balloon's gas burner in Barossa
  • Cleaning car window after the car wash at On The Run on West Terrace
  • Bumper Cars at Glenelg
  • Paralympians wheeling on basketball stadium
  • Window cleaner cleaning windows on the Santos building in the city
  • Opening the gates at the Torrens Weir
  • Car being shifted on Paradise Motors tiled floor
  • Roof climb at the Adelaide Oval - roof contracting & expanding
  • Bumper boats at Beach House
  • Revolving restaurant doors at Glenelg
  • Walking a tight rope at the West Beach Adventure Park
  • Looking through binoculars at Mt Lofty
  • Seagulls scaring a board surfer at Glenelg
  • The motor that drives the revolving restaurant at Glenelg
  • Bumper boats at the Beach house at Glenelg
  • Ship docking at outer harbour
  • Wheels of an aircraft touching down at Adelaide Airport
  • The Diving board at the Marion Swim Centre
  • Ferris wheel chair at showgrounds
  • A life buoy on the Sun Princess at Outer Harbour
  • Flagpole flapping at Adelaide Town Hall
  • Pirate ship at royal show landing on see saw rubber runners
  • A gang plank from a cruise ship at Outer Harbour
  • Murray Princess coming in to berth at Mannum
  • Chair lift at royal show. The rollers going over joints
  • The star projector at the Adelaide Planetarium
  • Changing numbers at the Adelaide Oval old Scoreboard
  • Doing wheelie at Clipsal track
  • Hot air balloon taking off at Tanunda
  • A joint on a bus going around a roundabout on Grenfell Street
  • Cleaning windows whilst abseiling on Westpac House
  • The rubber mats used on the water slide at The Beach House at Glenelg
  • Car tyres across tram tracks on Jetty Road
  • Qatar Airlines plane landing at Adelaide Airport
  • Cars on the top level of the Central Market car park
  • Flag pole at Mosely Square
  • Climbing apparatus at West Beach Adventure park
  • Sliding along the wires in a harness at The Mega Structure at West Beach
  • Dodgem Cars at the Beachhouse at Glenelg
  • Car tyre hitting the guide at Happy Wash West Terrace
  • The internal turntable of an articulated bus on King William Street
  • O Bahn Bus wheels hitting the sides at Kent Town
  • Car going over slowly on a tram track at Glenelg
  • Shoes on the wooden floor of City Bowl
  • O Barn Bus rubber hitting the side at College Park
  • Using rubber plunger in the kitchen sink
  • High-rise window cleaners in the CBD
  • Drag cars at Pt Wakefield
  • Raising flag in Victoria Square
  • Splash & Bounce water slide at Bonython Park
  • Dogs in a dog kennel at dog lodging centre up the Freeway
  • Roof walk on Adelaide oval. Tethering rope.
  • A V8 Supercar taking a pit stop at the Clipsal 500
  • Ferris Wheel at the Showgrounds
  • Dodgem cars at the Beach House @ Glenelg
  • Inflatable raft on waterslide at Beach House
  • Ferris wheel at showgrounds coming to a halt
  • Putting a needle onto an LP record
  • Jet Landing at Adelaide Airport
  • Mad mouse ride braking at royal show
  • The flying fox at the St. Kilda Adventure playground
  • Closing the door on the Ferris Wheel at Glenelg
  • Bowling balls caught in retriever at Woodville Bowl
  • The guy making balloon animals in Rundle Mall
  • The lift to the rooftop at Adelaide Oval
  • Sliding down a Giant water slide at Elizabeth
  • Opening the gas burner on a hot air balloon in the Barossa Valley
  • Shoes from the 36ers at Basketball Stadium
  • Landing at Adelaide airport, tyres screeching
  • The automatic ball machine at the West Lakes Baseball club
  • Water slide at Bonython Park
  • A council lawn mower mowing street lawns
  • Mechanism on a Hot Air Balloon in the Barossa Valley
  • The watery return at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre
  • Putting up the Tour Down Under bicycle & arch in Victoria Square
  • Dolphin cruise boat rubbing against the dock at Pt Adelaide
  • Opening roof door to Adelaide oval sky walk.
  • 'The Big Wedgie' at Glenelg
  • A380 Landing at Adelaide Airport
  • Taking off tube from a car at Paradise Motors
  • V8 Supercars racing & braking on the Clipsal 500 track
  • Boats moored at the Glenelg Marina
  • Water spouts on the Torrens spewing water
  • A tennis player on the court at Memorial Drive.
  • Dodgem Cars at the Beach House at Glenelg
  • Aircraft tyres landing at our airport
  • Dolphins in the Port River
  • Balloon being tied up at Bonython Park
  • Playing laser skirmish at Gepps cross
  • O-Ban buses entering the interchange at T.T.P
  • Go carts doing laps at Cartmania At Gepps Cross
  • Changing a tyre in Clipsal race workshop
  • The 'Popeye' docking on the River Torrens
  • Aircraft tyres landing on the tarmac at Adelaide Airport
  • Making a Balloon Dog at Royal Showground



So listen to Cruise 1323 at work, at home or in the car for your chance to identify that new sound and see if you can join the growing list of big winners.

The number you need is 8305 1323. Good luck! 


All Thanks to Phil Hoffmann Travel the travel and cruise experts.


liding roof at Coopers Ale house

At Gepps Cross

The draught stopper on the chapel door of the Archbishops home on Nth Terrace.

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