Want to win 7 nights for you and a friend cruising Tasmania on the Sea Princess?

Simply register your details below for your chance to win!

When we call you back, don’t say “Good Morning” (or “Hello”, or anything else like that), say “Good Morning John Dean”!

We’ll be making calls from 7am each morning, and right across your 10-In-A-Row Workday.

See the tips below to help you win!


Tip 1
Always answer your phone with “Good Morning John Dean”. Fun!

Tip 2
You never know which day we’ll call, so play it safe: change your voicemail and answering machine too!

Tip 3
Put post-it notes on your computer and by your phone to remind you!

Tip 4
Make sure everyone in the household or at work knows what to do in case they answer your phone!
Imagine missing out because someone else messed it up for you!

Remember, to win the cruise, when your phone rings, say “Good Morning John Dean”… or we’ll have to give it to somebody else!

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