We love them. You love them. And you get a brand new All-Time Top 10 each
and every 10-in-a-Row Workday!

Cruise 1323’s Top 10s give us a great reason to play your favourite classic hits… plus a few surprises that you haven’t heard on the radio for ages!

And, of course, we all love to guess what will be Number One!

So far we’ve had everything from the Top 10 One-Hit Wonders and Top 10 Blondes, through to the Top 10 songs that mention other artists, and the Top 10 songs with an animal in the title!

And now we’d love to hear your Top 10 ideas.

If you’ve thought of a fun Top 10 that you would like to hear on Cruise 1323, let us know by email… and maybe even a few songs that would make the list.

If we pick yours to play on air, we’ll give you a shout out, so please, tell us your details too.



To send through your Top 10 ideas, send us an email to contactuscruise1323@arn.com.au