Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne are working on their marital issues.

The Black Sabbath rocker appeared on Good Morning America for the first time since it was revealed he was having an affair with a hairdresser.

He told the interviewer, Jesse Palmer, that he and Sharon are overcoming their problems and said the issues they had were just a ‘bump in the road’.

Ozzy said ‘It’s back on track again’. His son, Jack Osbourne, was also in the interview and said  “As a married person myself, marriage isn’t like, ‘Hey we’re married all is good.’ It’s just life.”

The rocker then said that there’s no such thing as a perfect couple, especially when you have been together for so long.

And they both lived happily ever after,'” Ozzy quipped. “I’d like to find the person who wrote that and poke him in the eye with a burning stick.”

He added, “Some days are good. Some days are terrible. Some days you just drift apart for a while but you get back on the horse.”