The SA branch of the Australian Hotels Association is calling for our pubs and restaurants to be reopened by the end of the month as other coronavirus lockdown measures are wound back.

Ian Horne, the head of the SA branch of the AHA has said that the state’s run of now 13 days without new confirmed cases of the virus have created a “high level of expectation” that the Government would allow our venues to reopen.

However, Mr Horne told the ABC that the plan to switch back to the initial social distancing regulations of one patron per four square metres would not be viable for most venues.

“[The proposal] is really problematic because it greatly disadvantages smaller venues, country venues, cafes and things like that.”

Under the AHA’s calculations, those restrictions would only see about a quarter of venues able to reopen. The industry body is seeking for a more relaxed approach.

“We’re advocating a one in two,” Mr Horne said, referring to a more relaxed one person for every two square metre rule.

An announcement on the relaxation of social distancing and lockdown rules is expected by the end of the week following Friday’s National Cabinet Meeting.