We know her only as ‘Bec’ but she has the most famous calf in Adelaide today after a photo of her new tattoo went viral over the weekend.

Bec got inked with Port Adelaide AFL coach Ken Hinkley’s face on her calf, in what was described as a “David Bowie’s Aladdin-style” design.

A photo of the new tattoo was posted to a private Power fans group on Facebook called ‘Ken Oath’s Port Adelaide True Believers’.

But before long it was all over the internet, getting more than 3,000 likes on ‘S***Adelaide’ on Instagram and close to 2,000 comments on ‘Nuffies on AFL Pages’ on Facebook.

As you might have guessed, there was a range of thoughts on Bec’s new permanent addition to her body.

Some took the football perspective – questioning her decision to ink Hinkley, who may be under pressure to hold onto his job as coach of the Power after missing the finals last season.


Others concentrated on the specific look of the artwork itself, comparing it to Bill Murray, Jabba the Hut from Star Wars, even the Bookworm from the kids TV show, The Book Place.