We wondered why the normally doting Liam Hemsworth wasn’t by his wife’s side at the Grammy Awards today.

Turns out he was hospitalised overnight after falling ill. 

No further information has been provided with his current state or if he is still in hospital.

Rebel Wilson (his costar in the upcoming movie ‘Isn’t It Romantic’) broke to the news in a press interview today. 


“[Liam] was in hospital overnight, so hopefully he will be fine,” she told Extra.

“He texted us this morning.”

We hope he’s okay!

Liam was recently seen on a US talk show gushing about how his now wife, Miley, had chosen to take his last name. 


It definitely seems like the pair are in the newlywed phase of their relationship. 

Watch the interview with Liam Hemsworth in the media player above.