Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight 2019 dropped a couple major bombshells. 

Ines refusing to take responsibility for, well, anything… 

The texts between herself and Elizabeth’s hubby Sam, no doubt setting up their next wife swap story line.

And then… the innocent (ex) virgin Matthew finding out his wife Lauren has quite possibly bedded more women than he has. 

To say the news is met with some shock is an understatement, with the 29 year old videographer seemingly lost for words. 

But it’s the promo for tonight’s show that has us worried that our favourite couple may not be as well suited as we first thought. 


In the promo at least one man takes their ring off. 

Meanwhile, Lauren can be heard saying, “…there’s some things I need in a relationship that you may be overwhelmed to do…”

“I’ve really dug myself into a hole here.” 

We can only guess what those “overwhelming things” might be considering she just took his virginity days / weeks earlier. 

Then there is a cutaway to Matthew very firmly stating, “I don’t want any part of it”. 


We’re all for Lauren owning her sexuality, but have the ‘experts’ got things wrong here (again) !? 

Of course the timing of the drama between Matt and Lauren on screen being aired at the EXACT SAME TIME as the producers announce the pair are ‘banned from contacting each other’ has us skeptical.

Maybe there is still hope for the pair!? Maybe they’ll be back to happily married with a baby on the way once this on air drama plays out? 

Apparently we’re glutton for punishment and will of course be tuning in tonight to see how it all unfolds. 

MAFS – the TV show where even the seemingly cute, happy couples have more drama than we do in a year…