Parents who are facing the prospect of home schooling their kids will now have the help of a new website that aims to offer resources to make teaching easier.

The new website, launched by SA’s Education Department on Wednesday gives parents tips, lessons and resources to try and maintain some continuity in their children’s schooling, should they be taken out of school.

While a range of new measures to help enforce social distancing will come into effect at midnight tonight, schools around the nation remain open.

Unley High School has been most impacted by the virus, as their classes move to online only following two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the school and more than 100 students in isolation.

Education Minister John Gardner told The Advertiser that the website will give parents and families a raft of resources across the whole curriculum.

“It provides students with meaningful classwork, developed by expert teachers, and any SA teacher or family is able to use this resource.”

The website includes tasks, lessons and stories and can be found at: