Don’t mess with Pauline Hanson!

Co-host of the Today Show, Deb Knight, has learnt this the hard way this morning after an interview question got the One Nation leader fighting back!

Deb was asking Pauline about support for One Nation, claiming that it had dropping in the latest news poll, when she bit back with an absolutely savage response about the Today Show’s own popularity.

“The latest news poll, it shows support for One Nation collapsing to just four per cent, on par now with Clive Palmer’s party,” Deb said this morning.

“Can you really blame people for having doubts about One Nation and considering Clive over you?”

Pauline was seen laughing as Deb finished her question before throwing this response back at the Today Show host.

“Deb, in the last election we were at 1.3 per cent in 2016. The polls are indicating 4 per cent,” she began.


“I’ve actually gone up since the last election. Unlike your show Deb. Since you’ve actually taken over you’ve gone down in viewership.

“So should you hand over your job or should we bring Karl back?” she added in reference to former Today host, Karl Stefanovic.

Stick a fork in me, I’m DONE! I think I actually fell over laughing at this roasting!

Someone get this woman a microphone stat so she can drop it.

Watch the whole thing go down in the video above!