South Australia has joined three other states cancelling its Anzac Day services.

The RSL says the decision has not been taken lightly but is in the best interest and wellbeing of ageing veterans and the community at large.

A dawn service will still be conducted on April 25 at the war memorial in Adelaide but only for official guests with the public asked not to attend.

The traditional march and following services will not be held.

However, the RSL says sub-branches across SA and the NT will be permitted to hold dawn services, but only for their members.

On Monday Anzac Day services were cancelled in NSW, Western Australia and Tasmania.

The RSL said the despite its decision Anzac Day would be no less important this year.


“We lose a chance to pay our due respect and acknowledge the great contribution servicemen and women have made,” it said.

“We will always remember the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of our defence forces, past and present.”


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