A Scottish reporter has been pranked by a bunch of Aussies who introduced her to a vicious ‘drop bear’.

For those unfamiliar with the ‘drop bear’, it’s an infamous stitch up in Australia where locals warn tourists to avoid the dangerous creature. Don’t be afraid of the spiders or snakes, it’s these marsupials that will literally drop from the trees and sink their teeth into you without hesitation.

Aussies know they don’t exist, but unfortunately, many international visitors have fallen for the joke, including UK’s ITV News Asia correspondent Debi Edward.

A video of her encounter with the creature has been uploaded by the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park’s Sean Mulcahy to Facebook, showing Debi’s hilarious attempts to remain calm while holding a dangerous ‘drop bear’.

“I’m a bit worried about why I need this much protection,” she says.

“I’ve been told this is quite a dangerous animal. It’s been known to attack people. It’s called a drop bear because they drop out of the tree and attack people.

“Everybody looks very worried about this. I’m trying not to be worried because I’ve been told it can sense when I’m worried.”


Things intensified when one of the men warned her that they were preparing a dart gun, just in case.

It wasn’t until the people around her asked for the koala back that the penny dropped.

“There were points looking back obviously where I thought ‘this maybe isn’t quite right’ but, you know, these guys were like ‘you should really try this, it’s something we only do for our special visitors’,” she told the Today Show.

What a stitch-up!

Watch the hilarious moment here: