If you drive a white Mazda CX-5, you need to go to your car now, and burn it!

This is why…

that car is in a viral video posted by “Sh**Adelaide” (Watch it above) with a MASSIVE, and we mean MASSIVE, huntsman spider on it.

But that’s not all.

The huntsman got inside the car.

With the video rolling, the spider casually leans in and slips itself inside the car through the gap where the wagon boot lifts up.

What has happened since then, no-one knows.


But it can’t be good.

With close to one million views in less than 24hrs, the video has been described as the most terrifying video ever put on the internet.

And that’s by people who don’t drive that type of car!

We can only imagine how the owner will react when they realise it’s their car.

The number plate appears to be S524 BRM and is likely to have been purchased in Reynella in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.