Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!

For the first time in almost FIFTY years, the house where all the exteriors were filmed for classic TV show The Brady Bunch is for sale!!!

The house, is located in Studio City, California with an asking price of AUD$2.55m.

Incredibly, the residence is the second most photographed house in the United States (after the White House, but before Elvis Presley’s Gracelands mansion)

It’s estimated around 30 people take a drive past the house every day, and that number is expected to increase since it came on the market.


Listing agency Douglas Elliman Real Estate says the house boasts one of the largest lots in the neighbourhood, and still features retro 1970s decor.

“Whether inspired by the TV family or the real life surrounding neighbourhood, this residence is a perfect postcard of American 1970s style and its special culture.”

The three-bedroom house at 11222 Dilling Street featured in all the opening and closing scenes for every episode and was used for all exterior shots, however all of the interior scenes were filmed in a TV studio.

An article in the Los Angeles Times in 1994 revealed the house was built in 1959 and chosen as the Brady house as creator Sherwood Schwartz felt it was the sort of house where an architect (Mike Brady of course!) might live.

As the house didn’t have two storeys, a false window was attached to the front.


Say what do you think, might be time to pool all your funds with family and friends and put ia bid to time-share this classic house!

Who’s with me???