Did you think The Bachelor was dramatic this year? Oh honey, you have NO idea…

Well, maybe you would have if you were listening to So Dramatic! Gossip reporter Megan Pustetto had the kettle on boil throughout the season and was spilling tea all over the place for her listeners to enjoy.

From shocking voice memos to juicy insider tips from the set of your favourite reality TV shows, Megan’s podcast gives fans exclusive scoops into ALL the drama.

Take the latest season of The Bachelor for example… there was so much more to the falling out of Bella and Irena’s friendship that we didn’t get to see.

And that wild walkout by Roxi? You would NOT believe what happened beforehand (well, maybe you would…)

Who Knows Idk GIF by The Bachelor Australia - Find & Share on GIPHY


We don’t know how she does it but Megan ALWAYS gets the dirt. It makes So Dramatic! incredibly addictive and makes TV even more enjoyable to watch (just be prepared for some spoilers along the way.)

The Bachelorette is about to begin so make sure you are strapped in for another wild ride. Listen to So Dramatic! now on iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts.