A vegan has hit out against a dairy farmer who posted an emotional video of having to give up on the family farm in South Australia.

Casey Treloar, a third-generation dairy farmer, said her family could no longer shoulder their debt caused by the $1 supermarket milk wars.

“We are getting 38 cents a litre across the year and it’s completely unsustainable. We can’t really afford to keep going anymore,” she said.

Her video got the attention of staunch vegan Joey Carbstrong, who posted a response video, in which he told her to “get another job”.

He went on to say that Treloar and her family to deal with what he said was a decreasing demand for dairy products and that the industry was an ‘injustice’.

“What I found interesting is that she considered herself a cow person,” Carbstrong said in his 8-minute video.

“Which is really, really bizarre seeing as all those cows go to the slaughterhouse, the bobby [newborn] calves are all killed, they’re all taken away from their mothers, it’s a horrifically cruel and abusive industry.”


However, Carbstong said that Treloar was simply “indoctrinated” by an “cruel and outdated’ industry where demand was changing.

He said that Treloar should just move industries, suggesting a plant-based one.

 “This dairy farmer here, she can get another job.”

Carbstrong said that while he sympathised with Treloar, he also said he sympathised with the animals more.