A letter sent by an Adelaide landlord to tenants has sparked anger as swathes of South Australians face unemployment off the back of widespread shutdowns.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a hold on evictions if tenants are unable to pay rent, however, details of the plan and who’s responsible for it’s rollout remain unclear.

The letter reminds tenants that “rental payments will continue to be collected,” in the face of widespread unemployment, 7News reports.

“Rent payment are an essential part of your tenancy and in most cases, without rental payments, the Property Owner is unable to afford the mortgage to keep your tenancy active,” the letter reads.

Meanwhile, responses to the tweet containing the letter included one person’s account of a property manager asking tenants to pay rent with their superannuation.

“My friend’s property manager sent an email telling them to access their super to pay the rent,” the tweet read.


Meanwhile, both commercial and residential tenants are looking for more clarity on the Prime Minister’s rental evictions.
Tenants and landlords are seeking clarification on whether tenants will eventually have to pay rent in arrears, should a six-month hold on payments be required.
The Prime Minister’s advice is that landlords and tenants will need to “sit down, talk to each other and work this out.”
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