Backpackers throughout regional South Australia are facing hostility from locals with fears that they will contribute to a spread of coronavirus.

The ABC reports that backpackers are being told to leave, while others have allegedly had stones thrown at them by locals.

Meanwhile, a Loxton hostel’s bin has been tagged with the words “go home”.

With border closures affecting countries across the world, many backpackers are effectively stranded in Australia, with few options but to stay and continue working where they can.

However, ongoing stigmatisation of backpackers has reportedly led to the cancellation of workers’ contracts in some cases.

One Scottish backpacker told the ABC that the cries for them to return home stings, because it’s not an option for many.

“We are trapped here and to hear people say ‘go home’ hurts a lot more…it rubs more salt into the wound,” said Darren Stewart, who is unable to return home to Scotland.


Many backpackers take on work in Australian farms and wineries to make extra cash and fulfil visa requirements, however, the labour has also become an essential part of