Your Christmas just got a little bit cheaper!

Coles has just kicked off a massive Christmas sale on dozens of popular Chrissy goodies.

First off they’ve slashed $10 off the total price of Coles Half and Full Leg Hams until Friday which means you’ll be paying about $30 for a half instead of $40-ish.

Turkeys are also down a bit with Coles whole medium turkeys reduced from $30 to $28.40 each.

While we’re on the subject of roasts, Coles Salmon Pastrami roasts are down $4 from $26 to $22.

For dessert, the Coles Reindeer Cake is almost half-price ($15 down to $8) and Coles Finest Pudding, Gingerbread and Butterscotch, Coles Finest Fruit Cake, Iced and Jewelled and Coles Gingerbread House which are all reduced to $10 from $12.