Jenny’s Bakery has been grinding through the colder months to give us something worth looking forward to.

Introducing the TimTam Slam Cronut, a sugary, dounutty, croissanty, timtammy deliciousness.

Source: Jenny’s Bakery

The delicious Winter treat features a mouth-watering cronut (combination of croissant and a donut) which is rolled in sugar, filled with cappuccino custard, and pieces of TimTam. It’s topped with a dollop of chocolate buttercream and a full TimTam for…you guessed it, a TimTam slam!

Jenny’s Bakery are the cronut experts whipping out crazy combinations every month. The TimTam cronut is limited edition so you better get in quick before they’re gone.

Keep up to date with their amazing creations here and try one for yourself at 81 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood.