Vegans will get their first taste of one of Adelaide’s most iconic dishes when the Tasting Australia festival begins next month.

Chef Ragini Dey expects to serve up thousands of her latest creation at Tasting Australia’s ‘Town Square’ in Adelaide’s CBD.


Plant-eaters can rejoice because Adelaide’s famous ‘pie floater’ – which is a meat pie in pea soup – will be expertly curated by Dey who has a new eatery, ’Ragi’s Spicery’ in Hutt St.

She told The Advertiser her version of the classic dish would be ‘nourishing comfort food’.

“It is delicious and warming; it’s really soul food,” she said.

Situated in the heart of the CBD – Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga – Tasting Australia’s free festival hub Town Square is described as “the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the crème de la crème of Tasting Australia’s best talent, from chefs and winemakers to producers and products”.


You can visit between any of the following times…

Friday 5 April: 11am-midnight

Saturday 6 April: 11am-midnight

Sunday 7 April: 11am-11pm

Monday 8 April: Closed

Tuesday 9 April: 11am-9pm


Wednesday 10 April: 11am-11pm

Thursday 11 April: 11am-11pm

Friday 12 April: 11am-midnight

Saturday 13 April: 11am-midnight

Sunday 14 April: 11am-7pm