Are you really a South Australian if your favourite ‘iced’ beverage isn’t an iconic Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee?

Well, now you can grab your favourite beverage in cocktail form (the preferred form for most of us).

The Hahndorf Inn has come to the party and created a Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee Cocktail as their monthly cocktail. Sadly, it’s the April special which means it’s only available for the next few days!

The Hahndorf Inn is calling it ‘Spiced & Iced’ featuring Kahlúa, fresh expresso and, the pièce de résistance, a Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee.

Source: Hahndorf Inn

Hahndorf, already a legendary town known for its German influence, massive sausages, schnitty’s, pretzels, and pints of beer, has now leveled up with the genius invention of the Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee Cocktail.

Even though the cocktail will be replaced with their new monthly special, it could be a fun idea to try and DIY one for yourself.


Bottoms up!