The good people behind some of our favourite bars in the East End, including The Stag and NOLA have announced a new home delivery service so that you can properly drown you sorrows in solitude.

The new service is called Big Easy Drinks and they’re planning on delivering drinks curated by bartenders to your door.

You can order a range of mostly local beers, wines and spirits along with some very necessary Big Easy survival packs.

But the best part is that if you order before 2pm, your booze will be at your home that day.

The team behind Big Easy are describing the venture as their way of supporting “staff and our independent Aussie suppliers,” and we’re pretty on-board with that.

And as if you need any other reason to order some drinks in this trying time, by ordering drinks through Big Easy Drinks you’ll be keeping hospitality staff affected by COVID-19 social distancing measures in work. WIN-WIN!

(There’s also an isolation delivery option, just in case you need to mix up some quarantinis to get through your time alone).


You can order your isolation drinks here: