There were mixed reactions when Hot Cross Bun stock was sighted a mere day after Christmas in supermarkets. 

But it seems there’s a very good reason why supermarkets such as Woolies are early adopters of the Easter treat… 

10 MILLION hot cross buns were sold in Woolworths in January alone last year.

So it seems those appalled by seeing the holiday staple in stores early are in the minority. 

“Ten million hot cross buns were sold just in January last year,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia. 

“We know many of our customers love getting delicious hot cross buns as soon as they can and we see high demand immediately when they hit our shelves.      

“With Easter earlier this year, we know many of our bakers have been hopping to meet their customers requests to get their favourite hot cross buns back on the shelves.”


Easter Sunday falls on the 1st of April in 2018 – a full fortnight before Easter was celebrated this year. 

So whether you’re torn about seeing Hot Cross Buns in December, or are already stocking up, you can’t really blame the retailers for jumping on the bandwagon and sharing the fruity love.