This is a big one.

We were TODAY years old when we found out that Ritz Crackers have been designed with scalloped edges for an actual purpose.

In a mind blowing TikTok video that was recently posted by company (@theritzcrackersofficial), they shared that the edges are designed cutting cheese.

This. Is. Incredible.

@theritzcrackersofficial💫 the more you know 💫 #RITZCrackers #snackhacks #snacks #cheese #fyp #foryoupage♬ I’M FEELING LUCKY – Ellen Once Again

What a beautiful way to prepare a snack.


The comments section did not disappoint, either, with one user sharing ‘My life is a lie’, and another saying ‘I didn’t believe it until I saw what account this was’.

Another said, ‘I refuse to believe I went an entire 24 years of my life without knowing this’, and we absolutely relate to this.

Going to the shops right now to buy some crackers and cheese!