As a way to lessen the financial burden on families, over 70 Catholic schools across SA are now offering free tuition fees for the second half of this year.

Costing an average of $1300, tuition fees and charges will be put aside to encourage and welcome more students into the Catholic school system.

Catholic Education SA Neil McGoran discussed the positive impact of the fee adjustments in Catholic schools saying, “The initiative is one of a number announced by the SA Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) that are designed to reduce the financial burden on families.”

“Last year, we offered fee relief to any family unable to pay school fees due to the financial impact of COVID-19. This year, we reduced the school fees in every Catholic primary school in the state.”

“These reductions are now in place with an average reduction of $450 per student. When you add that up – across all our primary schools – that is $7.5 million back in the pockets of parents.”

With over 70 Catholic schools offering free entry, it’s a great opportunity for your little ones to get a head-start in their education. Loreto is one of the schools that are offering a hefty discount, charging $3000 for Terms 3 and 4 compared with $11,835 for a full year in Reception.

The fee-free initiative will be available for students who turn five on or before October 31. Uniforms and extra-curricular items will still be paid for by parents.