SA Health authorities have indicated that the statewide ban on exercising as part of the government’s “circuit breaker” lockdown could be the first to be eased.

Concerns over the mental health of South Australians have been at the forefront of calls to ease the restrictions, which see a ban on any outdoor exercise or walking of dogs.

South Australia’s chief public health officer Dr Nicola Spurrier conceded on Thursday that the exercise ban was unsustainable, confirming that it would be the first restriction to be eased.

Prof Spurrier went on to explain that the exercise ban was implemented partly out of concern that without it people would flood the beach and popular walking trails like Mt Lofty.

She also revealed why bottle shops have been allowed to stay open as an “essential service” throughout the lockdown.

Prof Spurrier told reporters that the decision to keep bottle shops open was a clinical decision to avoid cutting off those with alcohol addictions with little prior notice.

“Unfortunately we do have a lot of people in Australia and in SA that have a serious alcohol addiction.”