Over 1,000 more nurses will join the fight against coronavirus, should the state need, as the State Government negotiates a partnership between public and private hospitals to tackle the virus.

The state’s public hospital system would be bolstered with the extra healthcare workers, alongside extra beds, which have been freed following a freeze on all non-urgent elective surgery.

SA has 56 private hospitals, which the Federal Government will underwrite in the plan, which is set to keep over 4,500 healthcare workers in work, according to The Advertiser.

The news comes as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Australia has risen to 337, jumping by 32 in one day.

Across the country, an extra 34,000 beds would be freed up across 657 private hospitals, costing the Federal Government $1.3 billion.

The Federal Government also plans to eventually triple the number of ICU beds with ventilators across the country.