A Melbourne conspiracy theorist who rose to prominence in a viral video last week has been arrested.

In a video shared last week, Eve Black appeared to talk her way through a coronavirus checkpoint by dodging questions from police before eventually being let through.

The video shows Black, who was driving, say to her passenger on approach to the checkpoint: “Let’s do it, let’s take them down.”

A police officer at the checkpoint is heard asking Black her reason for travelling, to which she responds: “Have I disturbed the peace?”

After some persistent questioning and dodging, Black and her passenger are eventually let through the checkpoint.

Yesterday, Victoria Police detained Black in dramatic scenes that saw officers break a car window to gain entry to her car.

Victoria Police say that they have been trying to talk with Black since the border checkpoint incident last week.


Police allege that Black refused to provide her details when they eventually caught up with her.

Assistant Commissioner Rick Nugent has slammed Black’s actions, calling them selfish and childish.