Scott Morrison has announced that there will be a cap be no cap on the number of people who are allowed into a premise by the end of July.

It will instead be replaced by a four-square-metre rule in each premise.

The decision will allow bigger venues to open up and have more customers than the previous 100 person limit.

Nightclubs, as yet, will not be able to re-open, with the Prime Minister pointing to overseas examples of nightclubs being responsible for the spreading of the virus.

Outdoor events will also be allowed to recommence. Stadiums of 40,000 or less will be allowed 25% of their capacity, (a maximum 10,000 people), attend their events.

This could open the doors to smaller venues similar to Adelaide’s Coopers Stadium reopening.

Events in stadiums MUST be ticketed and can include festivals.


Stadiums and events above 40,000 have not yet had any guidelines drawn up.