Just because you’re not overweight or obese doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem according to this latest study.

It’s now being proposed there’s a whole other group of people who are ‘overfat’ that need to be considered!

The new phrase is being used to describe those people who are ‘skinny-fat’ – aka they may fall within the recommended weight range, but carry excess body fat.

According to the Overfat and Underfat: New Terms and Definitions Long Overdue article, the term recognises the impact excess fat and impaired fat metabolism directly have on health and fitness.

It’s currently estimated 39 percent of the world’s population is overweight, with 13 percent tipping the scales as obese.

Under the study’s calculations, up to 76 percent of the world’s population would be considered overfat.


Even if they don’t look it.

The study also proposes a further 10 percent would be classed as ‘underfat’. It would include those dangerous health circumstances associated with chronic illness and starvation.

That would leave just 14 percent of the population considered in the healthy fat range.

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