What’s better than finding your zen after a sesh of pilates than downing a pint of beer after?

Who would have thought that a brewing company would be inspiring us to get fit and flexible! Well in Pirate Life Brewing’s new event ‘Pilates And A Pint’, we’ve never been so excited to get physical.

Pirate Life Brewing will be hosting two events on Saturday May 8 and May 15 where you can pump out some downward dogs and leg extensions with KX Pilates then refresh yourself with a glorious pint of beer.

In the 50-minute session, you’ll be feeling the burn with instructor Grace and then treated to a pint of Pirate Life beer where you can mingle and make some new friends who share your love of beer and pilates.

Tickets are $20 and to top it all off, all proceeds are for charity and will be donated to Foodbank. Grab your tickets here.