Liquor retailers across the country will work together to stop stockpiling by imposing new limits on purchases made online and in-store from Tuesday.

The stores will include Coles Liquor’s Liquorland, Dan Murphy’s and BWS, First Choice and First Choice Liquor Market, Vintage Cellars, and Aldi Supermarkets.

Independent brands Liquor Legends, Urban Cellars and Liquor Stax will also get on board. The new limits will be reviewed monthly.

Shoppers will be allowed to purchase up to two categories at the same time, and the limits will now be: 2 cases of beer, 2 cases of cider, 2 cases of pre-mixed spirits, 12 bottles of wine, 2 casks of cask wine (not to exceed 10L in total) and 2 bottles of spirits (not to exceed 2L in total).

Retail Drinks Australia CEO Julie Ryan said the restrictions have come into place after the dramatic spike seen on March 22.

“Across the board, we have seen a 20 to 35 per cent increase in alcohol sales but we are starting to see that drop,” she said.

“There are no supply issues and there is plenty of stock but we cannot predict the behaviour of consumers and a discussion by the government is what prompted this.”