South Australia is still a long way from imposing a hard border closure with NSW despite concerns over a spike in COVID-19 cases in Sydney, Premier Steven Marshall says.

But SA has decided to keep border quarantine measures in place for both NSW and the ACT, amid the outbreak of 28 cases linked to the Crossroads Hotel as Casula.

“We’re being cautious, we’re looking at the epidemiology of what’s going on, we’re looking at the results in NSW,” Mr Marshall said.

“But at this stage, there’s too much uncertainty.”

SA’s decision will also impact on AFL teams planning to travel to Adelaide from Sydney.

SA has already lifted the quarantine restrictions for people coming from Queensland, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

But it has imposed a hard border closure with Victoria, only allowing locals to return and essential travellers through, because of the surge of infections in Melbourne.


The state’s transition committee is expected to next review the border measures on Friday.