South Australia’s hard border with Victoria could be extended north to New South Wales should COVID-19’s spread through the state continue.

From midnight on Tuesday tougher rules came into effect for those coming across the border from Victoria.

The new rules mean that even South Australian residents are effectively locked out, with only essential travellers exempted.

However, the state government has not ruled out extending the hard-line rule to those entering from New South Wales.

Yesterday, 19 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in New South Wales, with only two currently contained in hotel quarantine.

The numbers being recorded in NSW are currently similar to those being recorded in Victoria five weeks ago before notching up a series of record days of new cases.

7News has reported that SA could follow in the footsteps of Queensland, who declared all of Sydney to be a COVID-19 hotspot.


The decision has meant that residents of almost three dozen local government areas in NSW have been effectively banned from entering the Sunshine State.

Under current rules, those entering SA from NSW or the ACT must self-isolate for two weeks upon entry.