After five days of South Australia recording zero new cases of the coronavirus, attention is beginning to turn to easing the state’s social distancing restrictions.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has held steady at 438 for the past 5 days, with 95 per cent of those who have had the virus now recovered.

The news has led to SA’s chief public health officer Dr Nicola Spurrier to look at easing the restrictions that have been in place since March, The Advertiser reports.

“It is certainly something we have been looking at very, very carefully,” Dr Spurrier told The Advertiser.

Among those on the list of activities that could soon be allowed again are weddings, funerals and sport with Dr Spurrier pointing to children’s sport as one priority.

Although we might have to wait a little wait to get back out to the pub again, with the idea of large groups of adults under the influence of alcohol still too big of a risk.

“When you have got large numbers of adults coming together, and the use of alcohol where people are more relaxed, it is more difficult to have that social distancing,” Dr Spurrier said.


There are currently known to be 20 active cases of the virus in South Australia, with four in care at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Authorities have tested over 14,000 people during the state’s testing blitz, with SA still leading the country in number of tests per capita.