When it comes to the coronavirus we all have a lot of questions. But by far the most unusual question we’ve heard yet, ‘Can you catch the coronavirus through farts?’

Yep actually, this is a legit thing that we should be considering and one doctor has actually taken it upon himself to answer it.

And honestly, the answer might surprise you. You might even say that it could blow you away…

Physician Dr Norman Swan took on the unusual question during the Coronacast podcast and based on his answer it seems like it could actually be possible to pass the virus person to person through our farts…

Dr Swan said in the podcast that people should avoid farting near one another if they can to stop the spread of coronavirus and claimed that it was each person’s responsibility to try not to pop off when near another person.

Of course, the one good thing that Dr Swan said that in the sense where people wear face masks to avoid spreading the coronavirus from our mouth, our clothes act as a mask for our other end.


Dr Swan said it was important “that you don’t fart with your bottom bare” but luckily “we wear a mask that covers our farts all the time”, e.g. our clothes. Unless you’re some weirdo who runs around in public naked…

We told you that the answer would surprise you!

Anyway, apparently the discussion comes after it was revealed on Friday that the government would be testing local wastewater in a bid to create an early warning system for coronavirus outbreaks.

It’s believed that fragments of the virus can be found in the faeces of those infected and therefore can be detected in wastewater, allowing the government to locate outbreaks.

“If there’s a suburb that hasn’t had a case identified but it is in the wastewater stream, then we realise we need to focus on that suburb to find the people,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Crazy stuff! If you want more of your questions answered about the coronavirus, no matter how weird or whacky they may be, you can listen to the Coronacast podcast below on iHeartRadio!