Premier Steven Marshall has reaffirmed that he is in no rush to reopen South Australia’s borders following pressure from the Federal Government’s Tourism Minister.

South Australian Senator Simon Birmingham told Sky News that he expected states to ease their border controls if they continue to be successful in suppressing the spread of COVID-19.

He went on to say that if states hold out in reopening their borders that “they will be answerable to their tourism industry.”

However, South Australia’s Premier remains unmoved by the calls, saying that he won’t let an increase in cases interstate undo South Australia’s work to this point.

“The issue with regards to the borders is really looking at the number of new cases that occur in those other jurisdictions,” Marshall said.

“We’ve done a great job in South Australian and look, I want to say a well done to the entire country, but we’re not going to go backwards.”

Currently, SA is enforcing a strict 14-day quarantine period for anybody entering the state from over the border.


There have been no indication from authorities on the lifting or easing of that quarantine period as yet.