With the number of South Australian cases continuing to rise, the state government has moved to reopen two closed hospitals in preparation for a surge in hospitalised people.

The former Calvary Wakefield private hospital, which moved into a new building earlier this year, will be set up as a dedicated COVID-19 clinic, providing 130 extra beds in the city centre.

The former ECH College Grove facility will also be reopened, adding an extra 58 beds in Walkerville.

The recommissioned hospitals will operate alongside other existing dedicated coronavirus clinics at the RAH, Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Flinders Hospital.

Both reopened facilities are expected to begin operation by April.

Stop stealing from hospitals

Meanwhile, concerns around people stealing hand sanitiser from hospitals has led to a South Australian doctors’ union issuing a stern warning for thieves.


SA Salaried Medical Officers’ Association’s Dr David Pope told InDaily: “my message would be: those things are crucial for the operation of our hospitals – if you don’t want our hospitals collapsing, don’t take the hand sanitisers.”

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