A Kmart Air Fryer fan has sent Facebook into meltdown over her very clever two-ingredient fried ice cream recipe.

Sharing the dish on the Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Facebook group, the chef revealed she bought store-bought ice cream and then just crushed up Crunchy Nut cereal.. put them together in the $69 air fryer and you have the dream.

She writes: “Air-fried ice cream! Ice cream scoops (cricket-ball-sized) sprinkled with cinnamon and rolled in crushed Crunchy Nut cereal or corn flakes.

“Frozen for four hours or until hard. Pre-heated for five minutes at 200 degrees, cook for four minutes at the same temperature, the baking paper underneath. Crunchy coating, frozen ice cream”.

She goes on to say that the best way to do it was to ‘freeze the balls for as long as possible’ and to ‘cook for 2-3 minutes or check regularly to prevent melting.’

So quick and easy!