South Australian parents have been encouraged by the state’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr Nicola Spurrier to send their kids to school when term 2 commences next week.

In an open letter to the state’s parents, Dr Spurrier said that if kids are feeling well, they should be at school.

“I strongly believe there is no need for school closures in this state, at this time,” Dr Spurrier said, pointing to the “very low levels” of COVID-19 in South Australia at the moment.

“We have been lucky in South Australia to now have very low numbers of positive cases in our state.”

Only 2% of South Australian cases were in school students when we had higher rates of the disease, all of those have since recovered.

Parents of students with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems are reminded that they may wish to seek medical advice before deciding to return their children to school.


The news comes after the state only recorded one new confirmed case of COVID-19 in one day, South Australia is halfway through a two-week testing blitz.

There have been 438 confirmed cases of the virus in South Australia to date.