Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that downloading the COVIDSafe app will be the “ticket” towards easing tough stay at home restrictions.

As of Wednesday morning, 2.8 million Australians had downloaded the tracing app.

“I would ask for millions and millions and millions more to download the app. This is an important protection for a COVIDSafe Australia.

“I would liken it to the fact that if you want to go outside when the sun is shining, you have to put sunscreen on. This is the same thing.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged that states and territories were already easing restrictions and welcomed the decision.

“It is important to understand that on the road back when we get to that COVID-19 safe environment, where we can ease the restrictions, which is not too far away – and you’re already seeing that happen with many of the states and territories – as I said they would over this interim period before we get together in the week beginning the 11th of May and consider the baseline restrictions.

“States are already moving back from where they were ahead of those baselines and you have seen those announcements, whether it is in New South Wales or WA or other places.


“That is welcome and that demonstrates to Australians that there is a dividend for them, for the way that they have been conducting themselves.”