As both lovers of food and lovers of getting take away during the week (because we’re incredibly lazy especially during winter and what kind of pyschopath has the motivation to cook every night of the week, anyway?) we have some good news to share!

Delivery platform Deliveroo is cutting the price of its 50 most popular dishes this week by half.

The offer is being introduced to celebrate Deliveroo’s 3rd birthday in Adelaide, with the delivery company footing the bill to make sure that no restaurant is out-of-pocket.

Which means you can support local by buying cheap food this week!

But what is Adelaide’s most popular dish?

The Chicken AB from North Adelaide’s Blue & White Cafe takes the Deliveroo crown, which is completely understandable because who hasn’t craved an AB after a couple of beers on the couch?

To get yourself a bargain meal, you just need to look out for the 50% tag on Deliveroo this week until Sunday 27th July.


Adelaide’s Top 50 Meals Ordered On Deliveroo 2019-20

Bai Long Store Crispy Chicken

Bai Long Store Wok Belly

Beach Bum Salmon Bowl

Benny’s American Chicken Wings

Benny’s American Cheeseburger


Blue & White Cafe Chicken AB 

Bread & Bone B&B Burger

Buffalo Wing Co Traditional Wings (12 pcs)

Buffalo Wing Co Woodville Traditional Wings (12 pcs)

Burger Boss Boss Single

Burgertec Cheeseburger


Burgertec Woodville Cheeseburger Combo

Busan Baby Soy Garlic

Busan Baby Spicy

Busan Baby Original

Charminar Brighton Butter Chicken

Charminar Klemzig Butter Chicken


Cheeky Chook Betty’s Burger 

Cheeky Chook West Side Classic

Concubine Kung Pao Chicken

Concubine Prawn & Chive Dumplings

Desserts Club City Donut Fries

Desserts Club Hyde park Donut Fries


Dumpling King 15 Fried Pork Dumplings

Dumpling King CBD 15 Fried Pork Dumplings

Goodslice Pizza Hahndorf Spicy Salami

Indian Runner Butter Chicken Bowl

Kosho Exhibition Chicken Kasu Curry Rice Bowl

Lukuomades City Nuts & Nutella


Lukuomades City Golden Gaytime

Lukuomades City Strawberry Nutella Waffles

Lukuomades City Hot Chocolate

Lukuomades Henley Beach Nuts & Nutella

Lukuomades Henley Beach Golden Gaytime

Lukuomades Henley Beach Strawberry Nutella Waffles


Lukuomades Henley Beach Hot Chocolate

Lukuomades Hyde Park Nuts & Nutella

Lukuomades Hyde Park Golden Gaytime

Lukuomades Hyde Park Strawberry Nutella Waffles

Melt Pepperoni

Melt Pepperoni


Mexican Society Duck Nachos

Nordburger Chinatown Nordburger

Nordburger Frewville Nordburger

Nordburger Hindmarsh Nordburger

Nordburger Norwood Nordburger

Oasis Pizza & Pasta Meat Lovers Pizza


Pizza E Mozzerella Margherita

Rocco Pizza Dessert Pizza

SeaSalt Butterfish & Chips