Caution: people with an intense fear of heights should not watch.

If you have an intense fear of heights, there’s an apartment block in Houston, Texas that you definitely shouldn’t visit.

The ‘sky pool’ is located on the 42nd floor of the Market Square Tower in Texas and thanks to its glass bottom, gives swimmers a crystal clear view of the ground 500 feet below.

A video that’s circulating the web shows a swimmer gingerly stepping over the edge of the pool onto the 10-foot edge that hangs over the ground below.

The brave person seems to get their confidence up as they stand over the 8-inch thick plexiglass as they move around freely.

The plexiglass is the only thing standing between them and certain death below.


Any thrill-seeking house hunters can purchase a 564-square foot studio for $1,805, or dish out $18,715 per month for a 2,993-square foot penthouse.