It could be hard to get your hands on some essentials for the foreseeable future, with supermarkets blaming panic buying that has already taken place for making some items hard to get a hold of.

Drakes Supermarkets director John-Paul Drake told The Advertiser that “there is a national shortage of essential items such as toilet paper, hand wash, rice and flour.”

While the panic buying has slowed from its peak, Drake said that suppliers do not have the stock to keep up with the continuing level of demand.

Unsurprisingly, toilet paper remains the item that supermarkets are finding difficult to get their hands on.

“We’re only receiving large bulk packs of toilet paper, which is exacerbating the issue,” Drake said.

But there is some positive news, with sales now beginning to slow as people’s cupboards remain full from weeks of panic-buying.

The news comes as supermarkets begin to implement stricter social distancing rules, which has seen customers forming queues at front doors of some shops across the city.


South Australia has reported its most promising results in weeks, with only two new cases over a 24 hour period on the weekend.