Viewers of ‘The Block’ were pleasantly stunned when watching deserving winners Jimmy and Tam make history on the show when their home sold for $4.256million dollars.

The Queensland couple had been assigned with the tasking of flipping the torn property and turning it into a 1950s oasis, winning several challenge rooms and ultimately walking away with an incredible $1.066million in prize money.

Or so they thought.

Unfortunately, Jimmy and Tam became wrapped up in a scandal after it was discovered the winning bidder Emese Fajk, 28, was a ‘conwoman’. Originally described as a Cyber Security Expert, she was exposed by A Current Affair in December for presenting fake receipts of the money going through.

The property has since on sale in an off-market campaign and looking for a new buyer, with the person who was outbidded also approached for a second opportunity.

However, it has been rumoured that Scott Cam may have snapped up the property in private, though it has not been confirmed by real estate agent Michael Townsend of McGrath St Kilda.

“Scott’s involved in the show, so there would be no need for a real estate agent to transact (the property). If he has bought it, it wouldn’t surprise me,” Mr Townsend said.


“But I don’t know anything about it.”

A “close source has recently told New Idea magazine that Scott Cam is in fact the new owner of the Brighton property.

Regardless, we’re glad that Jimmy and Tam will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. What a rollercoaster!