With Victoria in the grips of a second wave of coronavirus, Melbourne shoppers have once again begun clearing supermarket shelves of essentials.

The spike in cases over the border has seen the state record almost a week of double digit increases in new, confirmed cases of COVID-19, with some supermarket shelves being cleared of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, flour, pasta and other essentials.

Supermarket giant Woolworths have issued a reminder to customers that there is no need to buy in advance.

However, in spite of the surge in demand in Victoria, South Australians seem unfazed when it comes to their buying habits.

Woolworths told The Advertiser that they are seeing normal levels of demand on essential items in SA at the moment.

Meanwhile, toilet paper company Kimberly-Clark has moved to reassure shoppers that it has plenty of stock in supply, with no shortages predicted.

Victoria has recorded 128 new cases of COVID-19 over the last week, with one death also recorded.


South Australia has sent a team of coronavirus experts to Victoria to assist with contact tracing as the state battles to contain the spread of the virus.