Usually when we’re caught sleeping in people call us lazy or say that we’re wasting the day and it’s come to be something that we feel guilty about doing.

But now we have the proof to let all the haters out there know that what we’re actually doing, is being supremely smart.

That’s right, the results of a new study show that those who sleep longer are actually more intelligent, creative and happy!

The study was called ‘Why night Owls Are More Intelligent’ and it looked into the use of the ‘snooze’ button on people’s alarms.

The authors of the study, Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaja Perina, have said that the snooze button is not something evolution has prepared us for and that being able to adapt to this function and use it wisely means you’re more intellectual.

They also believe that using the snooze button means that you’re acting on what your body needs rather than living by the rules of a set alarm and this means you are more likely to follow your ambitions and be independent.

This study is similar to one published by the University of Southampton, which showed that people who went to bed after 11pm and woke after 8am were happier and earned and were paid more.


Oh say no more! I’m cancelling my alarms and messaging my boss as we speak to let them know I’ll be coming in later in the mornings from now on…thank you science!